From all of us to all of you…


.. a merry merry Christmas. This year’s Christmas card was made in Photoshop, as we did not have enough sweaters. Actually, there are 6 photos, including the background, which is from Sirdal (January 2015). My second Ps project ever, had to call a couple of friends to understand the menus. Anyway, it made a lot of people smile, so it was worth the effort.

A photo a day #50


Ja, selv store skip, som drives av sterke vinder, kan med et lite ror styres dit styrmannen vil. Slik er det også med tungen. Den er en liten kroppsdel, men kan skryte av sin store makt. Ja, en liten ild kan sette den største skog i brann!

Jakobs brev 3,4-5.

A photo a day #46


This wonderful team will arrive from 4 weeks in Cambodia by Wednesday (tomorrow). Next time I’ll look carefully in the viewfinder before pressing the shutter release….