A photo a day #37

Lego Club

Every Wednesday there is Lego Club in the basement of a prayer house at Sola. Impressively, there is approximately a ton af Lego, or in other words, around a million pieces.

A photo a day # 33

Chainsaw adventure

Taking my chainsaw to the forest is my second favourite spare time activity, next to photography. It is practical (the house gets warmed up), it’s my gym (muscles ache after a day working with wood), it prevents the forest from being totally overgrown etc. Unfortunately I have no access to a tractor, I have to use a wheelbarrow… Even more training!


A photo a day #29


At retreats, I often do some reading. The magazine Strek contains high quality articles about life, theology, social responsibility. A notebook to draw figures or write thoughts and prayers always goes with me. Likewise a couple of cameras. Analog and digital, two different ways to see the things around me.

A photo a day #27


The Icon shows Christ as «Pantocrator», meaning «The Ruler of all things». That is a good thing to remember. In the entrance hall of the chapel at the retreat center at Vigmostad, Norway.