Før auksjonen

I St. Johannes menighet var det loppemarked i går. Tok turen innom for å se etter et kupp eller to, men gikk nokså tomhendt hjem. Fikk en hyggelig prat med venner, og et par bilder. Over ses auksjonarius. Under el-avdelingen…. Fortsett å lese «Loppemarked»

A photo a day #39


At winter time many people find it too cold to use their boats. Values for millions lay unused a large part of the year. Funny.

A photo a day #37

Lego Club

Every Wednesday there is Lego Club in the basement of a prayer house at Sola. Impressively, there is approximately a ton af Lego, or in other words, around a million pieces.

A photo a day #36


The colony garden at Eaganes, Stavanger. People without a garden themselves can acquire some square meters of land with a little hut to grow flowers, vegetables and stuff and go there to relax and for example have a cup of coffee and read a photo blog.


A photo a day #35

Aleksander Kielland

One of the «Four Great» Norwegian writers was Aleksander Kielland. He was from Stavanger and has now a statue of himself in the very center of the town.

The «Four Great» writers Henrik Ibsen, Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson, Aleksander Kielland and Jonas Lie made a substantial contribution to Norwegian literary history towards the end of 19th century and are still widely read.

A photo a day # 33

Chainsaw adventure

Taking my chainsaw to the forest is my second favourite spare time activity, next to photography. It is practical (the house gets warmed up), it’s my gym (muscles ache after a day working with wood), it prevents the forest from being totally overgrown etc. Unfortunately I have no access to a tractor, I have to use a wheelbarrow… Even more training!