A photo a day #17

Swords in rock

This is one of the most famous scenes from Stavanger. The three swords in the rock at Hafrsfjord to simbolize the union of the country made by king Harald Hårfagre by the year 872 or so.

A photo a day # 13


From Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Stay Focused. Important in photography as well. Heading back to Stavanger after two days trial at the court in Oslo. Sadly, we lost the case.

A photo a day #12

Karl Johan

Karl Johan’s Street, the main street in downtown Oslo. To the right, the National Assembly Hall, in front a famous and old chocolate ad.

A photo a day #8

Heroes 2

Privileged to befriend Paul Yadao and Leif Hetland. They carry the presence of God wherever they step. God bless you, brothers!

A photo a day #7

HeroesThis was for Saturday February 7. My heroes Gaute and Elisabeth. Such a joy to chat with young people.