A photo a day #12

Karl Johan

Karl Johan’s Street, the main street in downtown Oslo. To the right, the National Assembly Hall, in front a famous and old chocolate ad.

A photo a day #9

Heroes 3

Some focusing issues here… Look at that curtain – tack sharp!

Kåre is one of my Heroes. When I retire I want to become like Kåre. He uses his skills to get the best out of people around him.

A photo a day #8

Heroes 2

Privileged to befriend Paul Yadao and Leif Hetland. They carry the presence of God wherever they step. God bless you, brothers!

A photo a day #7

HeroesThis was for Saturday February 7. My heroes Gaute and Elisabeth. Such a joy to chat with young people.


A photo a day #3


Jan 3 I went to Brekko intending skiing with my wife and youngest son. The only little detail I forgot was the shoes that fit the ski. Luckily I did not forget cameras.