Analogue love

Stavanger City Bridge

Today I developed a roll Lomography colour film, and I just wonder: Who needs Portra and other expensive films when these dirt cheap rolls do the job?

All pictures shot with my beloved Contax T2, except this, which shows a japanese little engineering masterpiece:

Contax T2

As you may guess, as a pastor I sometimes have the joy of conducting weddings. I always try to get outside with a camera or two to document the moment. Here from my friends Anna and Alexander’s wedding at St. Peter’s Church in Stavanger.

Anna & Alexander

It was not only rainy, but also quite windy that day:

Anna & ALexander car

From the roll I’ll show the place where my wife is from, Sokndal, about 100 km south-east of Stavanger:


This is taken from «Stranno» viewing south west towards Foksteinan:



It can be a lot of water sometimes. This is from January 1, 2015:

Flom Sokndal