Some playing in the darkroom

Girl at hill

Being an amateur/beginner/novice in the art of developing film, I was not aware of the need of protecting the developed film from raindrops entering through the window of my car. 

Hovewer it is an emotional experience. I do not know wether it is the developing, the scanning or the photographing itself that is the weakest link in the chain, but I am satisfied with a handful out of two rolls Kodak Tri-X.

IMG_0040 1

The first roll I shot with my Canon AV-1, and I think the first picture in this article is from that camera. The second, showing the sign «Bruktfiskhandel» (= «Second hand fish market»), I shot with a Contax T2. The following is also from the T2:


The pictures are post processed a liiiitle bit with Capture One, I have to admit that. It is hopefully not my last session in the darkroom, because it is a lot to learn.